2016 Show a Record Breaking Success

Record Attendance Leads to Record Art Sales

Wellington came alive over Queen’s Birthday Weekend when more than 11,000 art lovers descended on the 2016 NZ Art Show at the TSB Bank Arena on Wellington’s waterfront. Around 1,700 artworks were sold, totalling more than $1.1 million in sales.

Carla Russell, Executive Director of the NZ Art Show, stated that these record figures prove a successful event for Wellington and a success for New Zealand artists.

Deb Fuller and Libby McColl

Up close and personal. Inspecting the art of Libby McColl. Deb Fuller art on right.

‘I’m absolutely thrilled that people view the NZ Art Show as a destination to purchase NZ art; attendees came from all over the country and it was great to see many seasoned art collectors, said Russell’.

‘Feedback about the quality and diversity on offer was extremely positive, proving that the NZ Art Show is at the top of its game. The exhibiting artists enjoyed great sales and were able to engage with an eager and excited public. The success of the 2016 NZ Art Show is a sign that New Zealanders have fully embraced the concept of owning original New Zealand art,’

‘Untitled’, mixed media by Deb Fuller


Popular artists included Deb Fuller (Canterbury), John Goodey (Auckland), Susan Hurrell Fieldes (Auckland), Tetyana Khytko (Sydney) and Martin Warenczuk (Upper Hutt), who all sold over 40 artworks each.




Cirque du Singe’, mixed media Box Art by Debbie Pointon.

Another notable standout was Debbie Pointon from Raumati South who sold all of her ten artworks. Debbie’s box-art pieces, intricate assemblages crafted from antique furniture, ornaments, and other assorted paraphernalia, are like antique memento boxes.

Debbie was taken aback by the public’s response to her works. ‘My feelings, as I delivered the pieces to the show, were of uncertainty, doubt, and fear that no one would like them or buy them. I was stunned and ecstatic when they all sold. It is still sinking in!’

Debbie has been exhibiting with the show since 2008 and started creating her box art five years ago. Last year she was commissioned to make one for the Wellington Museum, highlighting John Plimmer, the ‘Father of Wellington’







It All Adds Up – Statistics for the 2016 NZ Art Show

  • Attendees: 11,000
  • Works on show : 3,000
  • Average price of artworks: $680
  • Number of artworks sold: 1700
  • Total art sales : $1,150,000

The NZ Art Show wishes to thank the following for their support.