2017 NZ Art Show Breaks its Own Record – Again

More than 10,000 art lovers descended on the capital city over Queen’s Birthday Weekend for the 2017 NZ Art Show held at the TSB Bank Arena on Wellington’s waterfront. More than 1700 artworks were sold, totalling more than $1.2 million in sales, nearly 4% higher than 2016 and an all-time record in the show’s fourteen-year history.

Carla Russell, Executive Director of the NZ Art Show, expressed her surprise.

“I’m happily astonished but not entirely surprised. After fourteen years of doing this show, working hard to ensure a high-quality event, I am always quietly confident that each show is sure to please,” Carla said.

“Thanks to the increasing number of high-quality artists operating in New Zealand, the standard of the show grows every year, confirming that the NZ Art Show operates at a high level of excellence.,”

“We received many comments over the course of the weekend by regular visitors that the quality of art surpassed that of previous shows. I’m thrilled that we continue to deliver an experience that is enjoyed by thousands.”


250 artists exhibited in this year’s show, comprising 20% who were exhibiting for the first time with the NZ Art Show, including printmaker Nicola Jackson. Originally from the UK, Nicola now lives in Wellington and first heard about the show two years previously from a friend. She decided that the show would be a great place to exhibit her art for the first time and she is delighted that she sold 27 artworks.

“Selling my first piece at the Gala evening reinforced my decision to pursue an art career, “Nicola said.


Nicola Jackson in front of her wall, 2017. Photo: Victoria Vincent.




‘Scent’, collage with screen print overlay by Nicola Jackson. Photo: Nicola Jackson.[/one_half_last]


‘Ivan’s Pond – Caitlins’, collage and acrylic by Galina Kim.Photo: Galina Kim.[/one_half][one_half_last]

This is also the first time that painter Galina Kim has exhibited with the show. Formerly from the Ukraine, Galina now resides in Christchurch. She applied to be in the show based on the advice from a friend and fellow artist.

“I really enjoyed being a part of the show: it was well-organised and meeting other artists in the show was stimulating, “Galina said. “And I am happy to have sold 15 artworks.”

This year’s show saw the welcome return of many regular exhibitors including [/one_half_last]

This year’s show saw the welcome return of many regular exhibitors including John Goodey (Auckland) and Megan Collier (Tauranga).

Auckland painter John Goodey has exhibited in the show every year since his first appearance in 2010. He was drawn to the show as it was advertised as an affordable art show and it attracts a very large crowd.

“I enjoy meeting people who appreciate my style: the show allows me to interact and explain the narrative elements in my paintings, “John said.

“I always enjoy great success with this show and this year I sold 43 paintings.”


John Goodey with his art, 2017. Photo: Victoria Vincent[/one_half][one_half_last]

‘Every Road Leads to the Sea’ by John Goodey. Photo: John Goodey.[/one_half_last]




Megan Collier and her art 2017, Photo: Victoria Vincent.[/one_half][one_half_last]

Tauranga-based artist Megan Collier has been exhibiting in the show since 2008 and sold 27 paintings at this year’s show. She derives great satisfaction from sharing her art with others and has watched the show develop over the years.

“The show has evolved from strength to strength over time, ‘said Megan. “The event is produced with a consistently high level of professionalism and, coupled with the high level of participation by artists and audience, it generates a collective stimulating energy that I love being involved with: a buzz that people want to be part of.”



‘Petite Wild Flowers Stand’, oil and resin on board. Photo: Megan Collier.


In addition to the art and artists, there were some specific attractions that added to the show’s appeal:

Brendan Foot Supersite Signature Piece Art Award – 10 artworks were selected by the NZ Art Show judging panel and over the course of the weekend attendees to the show voted for their preferred artwork. The $3,000 prize was won by ‘Less is Less 05’, a photographic lightbox by Wellington photographer roOm. Read more here

Art auction fundraisers – Three artworks, by Tatyana Kulida, Bruce Mortimer and Dside, were auctioned at the Gala Evening and raised $3650.00 for Ronald McDonald House Wellington.

Coloured by you – a collaborative artwork, measuring 2.4 x 4.8, was created New Plymouth street artist Dside and installed at the show. Attendees contributed to the artwork over the course of the weekend and the finished piece will be donated to Ronald McDonald House Wellington play area. The piece is washable and resident families will also be able to contribute to the artwork.


It all adds up: statistics for the 2017 NZ Art Show

  • Number of artists: 250
  • Attendees: More than 10,000
  • Works on show: 3,000
  • Average price of artworks: $680
  • Number of artworks sold: 1750
  • Total art sales: More than $1.2 million

The NZ Art Show wishes to thank the following for their support.