300 Artists Confirmed for 2016 NZ Art Show

The artists for the 2016 NZ Art Show, the largest curated art sale in the country, have been confirmed and the show will feature some 3,000 artworks by 300 New Zealand artists. The show runs over Queen’s Birthday weekend, June 3 – 6, at the TSB Bank Arena in Wellington.
Carla Russell, Executive Director of the NZ Art Show is enthusiastic about the artists. ‘We’re really excited about the range and quality of the art that will be presented this year’, says Russell. ‘Of the 300 artists exhibiting, over a quarter of them are completely new to the show – so, in addition to some of your favourites, there’ll be plenty of fresh talent for you to enjoy.”

Image: Wave Hunter, acrylic painting by Tetyana Khytko

The majority of the artists reside in New Zealand, from Northland to the deep South, however, three of the artists are currently residing in Australia, proof that there is interest in the show from across the Tasman.

Tetyana Khytko, who lives in Sydney, has been exhibiting in the show since the very first one in 2004: her oil paintings, somewhat reminiscent of Cezanne, are hugely popular with NZ Art Show audiences.
In 2010, she and her family moved to Sydney, but the move did not stop her from crossing the Tasman every year to participate in the show.
‘The show brings artists and art enthusiasts together, ‘ says Tetyana. ‘Artists are given a rare chance to be seen by thousands of people, engage with the public and build up a client base.’
But, for Tetyana, the lure of the show lies in two things: the challenge of developing her artistic voice and presenting it to a new audience each year; and the unique atmosphere.
‘The organisers create an inspiring, friendly and supportive atmosphere that attract artists, buyers, supporters and volunteers. I have exhibited in several shows like this including in Australia, and I would say there is no better art show than the NZ Art Show.’

Image: Ferris Wheel’s Day Off, photograph by Bella Foster-Lowe

Exhibitors also include photographer Bella Foster-Lowe who at fourteen years of age is amongst the youngest participants this year. Inspired by her grandfather, Wellington photographer Bruce Foster, Bella is focused on finding her own personal style through photography. Her photographs will portray scenes from a recent trip to Santa Monica, Los Angeles but rest assured, they will not be typical holiday snapshots.

‘We are so thrilled with her photos,’ says Carla Russell. ‘For someone so young, Bella has a sophisticated eye and we are proud to be presenting her artworks.
‘Over the years, we have had many excellent young artists exhibiting in the show. As a nation, we should be proud of the wealth of artistic talent developing in New Zealand.’

The NZ Art Show wishes to thank the following for their support.