A Message from the Executive Director, Carla Russell

16 years in…

Gosh, I’ve learnt a lot, seen a lot, met hundreds of people, taken much-needed advice on many occasions, listened for hours, cried a bit and added a few more laughing lines that are now permanent fixtures.

And now … my house is full of art.


[one_half]I love my artwork. Purchasing artwork has been a huge investment in my happiness: the artwork has brought my home to life and I appreciate all of it. I wasn’t blessed with artistic skill – drawing, painting or making – so to fill that void, I just became a huge fan and that has lead me to collecting artwork that I love.

As I sit here at my table, I look to the right and one of my first purchases at the show proudly takes centre stage – an artwork called Wahine by Dean Proudfoot. It has been on my wall for 14 years and I love it more as the years go by. Nearby Dean’s work, I have artworks by Joel Hart, Jacqui Elley, Tony Harrington, roOm and Michael Lamb – and that’s just the lounge. Moving my focus a little to the left and I see works by Jordan Barnes, Milarky, Monica Patterson and another Dean Proudfoot.

I love the hallway: artworks by John Shewry, Taika Waititi and Ben Timmins … my list goes on. Yes, I’m one happy wahine!

Image: Wahine by Dean Proudfoot



This is a message to artists to remind you that your work, as artists, is so important.
Your creativity tells stories far beyond where they were made, becoming part of our story . . . .  and that’s a very cool thing.

Image:  Juliet and the Abyss by Jordan Barnes


[one_half]Back to work…

Our 16th show is shaping up to be a wonderful event. What will I be taking home this year? I’m excited and, like so many others, can’t wait to see all the art together.

Artist applications are coming in and it’s so awesome to see many new faces. We’ve sold loads of tickets already (and it’s only February), I have a full board of sponsors and our group, Friends of the NZ Art Show, is always growing.

Let us provide the space, the lights, the plinths and the art buyers while you, our artists, give the show life and energy for 1,000’s of people to enjoy.
So yes … if you haven’t already applied to be in the show … don’t miss out.

Apply now – click on the button below for more information or if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us.

Image: Pukana-6 by Tony Harrington

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Check out the cool videos below

It’s shaping up to be an excellent show!



RT Nelson Emerging Artist Awards – $10,000 available

The NZ Art Show wishes to thank the following for their support.