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Apply here now to exhibit in the 2024 NZ Art Show

The NZ Art Show is one of the best platforms for New Zealand artists to show and sell their art to thousands of art lovers.

Before you make your application, it is essential that you read the Important information for Artists and Terms and Conditions. Please contact if you have any inquiries that are not addressed in the Information for Artists or the Terms and Conditions.

When you have completed your online application, you will receive a copy of your application via email. You must immediately email images of your artworks to

Each image must be accompanied by:

  • Name of artwork
  • Medium
  • Dimensions (cms)
  • Sale price (even if the work has already sold or is not for sale)

Image must JPEGs (PDFs, word doc are not acceptable) and they must be sized around 600KB to 1MB.

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    Category - please select only one

    Please note that there are two main categories:

    1. Single Artist Wall
    2. Solo Panel

    Single Artist Wall

    • Artist is on-site for the duration of the show.
    • No real limit on number of artworks (within reason).
    • 1 panel measures 1.2 x 2.3m (w x h).

    Solo Panel

    • Max no. of artworks is 6.
    • Artists not required at show.
    • 1 panel measures 1.2 x 2.3m (w x h).

    All Applicants

    Artist Biography*

    Tell us your story - about yourself and your art. Make it interesting, please - it will help make it engaging for the selectors. If you are selected for the show it is possible that we'll use your story for promotional purposes. No more than 300 words.

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    Please note: all applicants are required to provide the following information.

    Are you currently receiving or have you received formal art training?*

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    Terms and Conditions

    Read the Terms and Conditions here.

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