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Ann Breen

Whitby, Porirua

Canadian born, I have lived in New Zealand since 1986, and am a kiwi citizen.
Landscape is the usual basis of my work in acrylic paint on canvas or paper. A portrait also can become the design basis of a composition. I work with colour, contrast and broad brushstrokes to create passages to lead the eye around the surface of the picture.

Seen from a distance, many of my works are recognisable images while on closer inspection they become creations of tonal and colour passages.

I work from photographs I have taken, or sketches I have made of places and people that appeal to me both as possible compositions and as significant memories. Having lived in New Zealand for 32 years, I still find the people, the land, and the light inspiring.

I have exhibited and sold work at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts since 1990. In 2013 I participated in Solo 35 there. And Solo 45 runs from 7/12/18 to 13/12/19 on Queens Wharf.

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