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Antony Nobilo


My name is Antony Nobilo

I am a Wellington born photographic artist having attended Scots College and Massey University before spending 3 years in Sydney, 10 years in London and 1 year in Amsterdam - before returning to Sydney to live in 2017 where I am currently based.

My photography work focuses on everything from portraiture to landscapes to still life.

Perhaps my work is best known for the 'pop art vintage camera' series shown here. I have been a camera collector since my interest in photography was born in 1997.
In 2010 while photographing my personal collection of 250 film cameras for insurance purposes - I realised the photographs I was taking had a timeless characteristic that I was driven to print and share the works with the general public. After a modest exhibition in Soho, London where the images sold out it became
obvious the works appealed to a global audience that was not determined by gender, age or race.

The limited edition art-prints I began offering showcased the beauty and character of cameras produced by brands such as Kodak, Yashica, Contax, Leica, Polaroid, Praktica, Fuji, Mamiya, Nikon and more - with many of these brands having ceased production of film cameras entirely within the past few decades.

Since 2012 the pop art vintage camera prints have offered in various formats via 50 retail, gallery and design stores including MOMA New York, The Victoria & Albert Museum - London, The Conran Shop - Paris, The Museum of Modern Art - Ireland, The Scottish National Galleries, The International Centre of Photography - New York and The Centre for Contemporary Photography - Melbourne.

In March, 2019 I collaborated with a private camera collector based in New Zealand to document his camera collection of over 6000 cameras.
As a result of this over 60 new cameras have been added to the catalogue.

Antony Nobilo

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