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Barb Lawson


Like the Dutch Masters of old, my paintings aim to capture the essence of light and dark. By emphasising the ‘lightness’ through the inclusion of everyday objects, I hope we can all appreciate and enjoy the everyday-ness of our lives. I want to remind ourselves to keep our values in-balance through appreciating and smiling at the uncomplicated objects in our lives rather than obsessing or focusing on the ‘dark’ - rather poignant in the current Covid-19 environment.

I paint in reverse on the back of acrylic perspex sheets, giving the finished side a high glossy deepth. My works are perfect as kitchen splash-backs or in bathrooms, as moisture is no problem. A large proportion of my works are commission based, with exact measurements, where I can also include personalised significant objects from people lives.

My latest exhibition was at Parker Gallery, Nelson in November 2019. I have a degree in Visual Arts from the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, graduating in 2013 with their top student Jens Hansen Excellence Award.

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