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Barbara Franklet


If I had my way, every day of the week I’d dabble in a different genre. From abstract expression to children’s book illustration, I love it all!!!! But, at the crux of it, there’s a simple passion for good design…..and maybe a little humour and fun. I divide my time between oil pastels and mixed media work. My oil pastels are rich and stylized. Previous work has been quite quirky and narrative, but lately I’ve delved into contemporary landscapes. Tapping into my wackier side, I love to play with mixed media. Having more old books, photos and memorabilia than any one person needs, I love the puzzle of putting random things together such that they make a cohesive piece. One of my most treasured “tools” is a primer stamp kit purchased on Ebay over twenty years ago. If my house was on fire that would be the one thing I would save!

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