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Briar Tucker


Patience; a virtue which is lost in a world of instant gratification.

I was not a naturally patient person, however I am a perfectionist. Unfortunately one cannot live without the other, so my drawing presented itself as a unique kind of personal challenge for me, as each piece takes countless hours I had to go against my desire for immediate results and learn to be patient; with myself and my drawing.
Patience guides me to make each mark, tiny and precise. Patience compels me to fill in each detail as if it were to be seen, but often goes unnoticed, overlooked by the bigger picture. Patience is my counsel reminding me that all practice is progress.
The paradox of this new found patience is that I have overcome my need for perfection and have simply fallen in love with the process, not as a means to an end but as a means to creation.
As my proficiency grows I continue to pursue work that challenges my nature, while portraying my unique perspective of reality.

Instagram: briar_tucker

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