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Bruce Mortimer


Pencil Artist, Acrylic and Oil Paintings, Photographer, Filmmaker, Musician.
Whilst mostly at peace with my life and my environment, I am also constantly frustrated by my lack of originality and creativity. Silly really, as all I do is create, build, play and explore. That's me. I've thankfully never grown up in that respect. I have also at times tended to pigeonhole my creative existence "I am a charcoal artist", "I am a fine art photographer" "I make films", and I have also discovered that pigeonholing is, in a way if not quite as dramatic as it sounds, the ultimate betrayal particularly of myself but also for others. And yet when I have simplified and presented myself to the world with a very specific style I have found the most commercial success. It remains my biggest paradoxical challenge. Being an artist is largely about being authentic and open, and for the most part of any period I am not a charcoal artist (for example), but I will be involved in one or other creative project or pursuit. I even build my own camera lenses, and last weekend (as of writing) I participated in the VF48Hour film challenge using one of those. But in recent years charcoal drawing is what I am known for, and with it I had success in the awards across several shows. But honestly you should never want to become any particular thing, particularly to yourself. It is severely limiting, and the antithesis of creativity. So this year will see some personal changes, and not in that I renounce any medium, but that I embrace them all. And for this reason you will find three different mediums embedded in my collection here, which I will add to over the next little while. Enjoy.

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