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Ché Rogers

New Plymouth, Taranaki

Sitting within the framework of Postdigital Art, Ché’s artistic practice is more concerned with being human, than being digital. In both his art and music practices, Ché often explores the theme of Machine vs Human and he challenges our relationship with technology. He is particularly interested in the confusion that a work might bring when it looks (or in the case of music, sounds) like it is produced by technology, but in truth human input was essential in its creation. Ultimately technology is simply a tool. Ché enjoys the ambiguity of his own recent paintings which often look like they have been manufactured by high-tech processes such as laser or digital technology, when in fact they are meticulously hand crafted using basic, analogue, hand-jigged equipment. Overall, Ché is fascinated by art that appears to be made by machines but is in reality an expression of human creativity.

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