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Christine O'Donnell


-Originally from Dunedin, I trained as an architect at the University of Auckland in the 1980’s (before cad) when we were fortunate to be taught by two very well known NZ artists – Pat Hanley and Claudia Pond-Eyley. Our classes were often ‘plein aire’ throughout the city enduring weather and public critique. The classes were held weekly for about 4 academic years and were supplemented with studio time including life drawing classes, water-colour and perspective drawing.
I graduated as an architect in 1989 and life took over… but on an extended trip to Mexico two years ago, I finally had the time to go back to art.
Three months in the vibrant colours and sunshine of Mexico in 2017 got me back into painting. I did a series of 1-1 classes with an artist who lived nearby, decided to focus on acrylics as I had only ever dappled in watercolour, oils and charcoal/pen and wash at architecture school. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had a lot to call upon, I can sketching, perspective, colour mixing and composing an image. Like many architects, I like photography and had spent my holidays travelling the world and capturing images on film or digital.

In my art, I connect with landscapes and built forms to try to find unique views, scale and illustrations of emotional connection or the transience of light and shadow. I am looking for beauty and positive emotional reactions, to enable people to take that natural experience back into their homes or lives and continue to reconnect with the spirit of place, memory and the energy it embodies.
I sell works online ( and have an Instagram page (Christineodonnell14) and a website covering both art and travel writing. I do commissions for my network and ma building a commission business called Kerb Appeal for ‘house portraits’ of loved and admired homes for clients.
I was recently appointed ( December 2019-January 2020) as an Artist in Residency at the Rotorua Arts Village and was part of the Open Studios project where we encouraged visitors into the studio to interact with us whilst working over the 6-week period. I found the proximity to both other artists and the public inspiring and had no difficulty in producing work to meet my goals in this situation. The open studio experience and being in a new location changed my artistic work in a positive direction. My proposal for that residency was a story and art series called ‘Beneath the Surface’ and some of it is included in my recent works here.

Also works are acrylic on Stretched Canvas ready to hang, except that small works which are on canvas board.

All works include free delivery in the Auckland region. Please allow $100 additional for courier for stretched canvas paintings (over 500mm square) within NZ and international shipping at cost.

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