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Emma Glintmeyer


At 19 Emma Marie began her journey into the arts via Fashion and Textile Design, following this, she enriched her learning with splatterings of Graphic Design and Psychology. In 2006, Emma graduated from her Bachelor of Visual Arts Degree with Excellence and since has had many successful exhibitions and residences. Emma is currently working at ATELIER Studio/Gallery in Nelson where she also teaches oil painting.

Emma views her artworks as captured moments of space and time where thoughts and emotions come into physical form, they are what Eckhart Tolle would describe as nowness.

Works are created from a meditative state of play, in a call and response manner, each colour and mark builds on what is there and always seeks to achieve balance and harmony.

The abstract subject matter of Emma’s mixed media paintings are inspired from skyscapes seen on early morning walks around Rocks Road in Nelson. In appreciation, she watches the impermanent sky play out the divine drama of life, sometimes as the harrowing tempest and others times as the stellar emanation of source. Each has a time to be.

The physical process of creating her paintings is strongly influenced by the methods learnt and observations made during a 15 year intensive house renovating period. Much of these processes can also be thought of as metaphor for life, such as, building up of layers, scratching back, experimenting, reworking, risking, and overlaying.

Each artwork takes on a life of its own and it is a sheer privilege and delight to woo every one of them into being.

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