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For this years NZ Art show, Fabienne is showing her animals and human portraits again.
By paying attention to details and especially to the eyes Fabienne is trying to capture the soul of every human and animal she draws or paints.

This last year she shifted her focus to drawing. The shift to pencil drawing allows Fabienne to create as much detail as possible in her artwork.
An additional benefit to this is that it allows Fabienne to explore new ideas. “unfinished business” is a result from this.
The artpiece could be seen as unfinished since it holds the sketch stripes as well as highly detailed work.
This year she also started creating smaller pieces. With the dimensions of 10x10cm it allows this art to be assessible to those who would like to have art for an affordable price.

While working on her own art she is open to commissioned work so please don’t hesitate to contact her and ask for all the posibilities.
Thank you for looking at the artworks. Hopefully you are enjoying the new work this year. And if you are curious what she’s working on at the moment please follow the instagram and/or FaceBook pages.


Information for artworks up for sale:
- All frames are included in the price. (Note: not all artworks have frames)
- Please let me know if you want more information like photos or a video impression of the artwork that you’re interrested in.
- Shipping/ Deliveries/ pick-ups: excluded from artwork pricing. Arrangements can be made through email.

Art Exhibitions:
- Kapiti arts trail '15,'16, '17
- NZ art show '16, '17, '18, '19 and 2020
- 2016 Molly Morpeth Canaday awards
- 2019 Manawatu art trail

    The NZ Art Show thanks the following businesses for their invaluable support: