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Glen Jorna


Glen Jorna is an Australian contemporary mixed media artist living in Wellington, New Zealand. When he is not teaching Visual Art at Wellesley Independent School for Boys, he can often be found scoping and walking the Wellington streets (or any street around the world), collecting found paper and ripping old posters from street billboards, as well as documenting interesting compositions of street walls, marks and textures on his iPhone. In his work, he attempts to capture a sense of time, place and emotion by immersing himself in a process of the addition and removal of many layers. The result is about “capturing the beauty in decay” and vice versa.

Glen: "It’s a little strange exhibiting virtually this year, but I’m still super excited to share my latest series with you: The LOCKDOWN collection.
Most of these pieces have been created in my neighbour’s grungy garage during the recent Lockdown period here in NZ. It has been a cathartic process and has brought up every type of emotion for me - needless to say these are highly charged & meaningful works. Overall, they are textured, layered, colourful, multi-dimensional pieces. Most are created on custom made board, with a deep edge and really POP against a crisp white wall. They also include torn street poster remnants, and are reminiscent of grungy street lanes & walls in Melbourne & Wellington." (April 2020)

Commissions are welcome. He can create unique artworks using personalised street posters with any colour palette in a range of sizes on board or canvas.
You can follow his creative journey on instagram: @artbyglenjorna

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