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Glen Turner


I am a self-taught Christchurch based artist that creates from my small home studio. My work is centred around breathing new life into otherwise discarded parts of nature. I use many different species of beautiful repurposed wood to create unique, one of a kind art works. The materials I use are largely sourced from the local Canterbury region and come from a variety of origins such as post earthquake building demolition, home renovations, industry waste, used furniture and remnants of other creative processes.

All of my creations require many many precise cuts that are then combined in a way that features the visible age, tone, grain and texture of the wood to respectfully highlight its history and natural beauty.

My works incorporate the individual character of the wood and accents of colour to form an eye catching design. I shape and laboriously hand sand every small piece using a variety of tools and techniques to create depth and texture within each design. I then layer all pieces onto a plywood substrate and apply a finish to complete each creation. I build my works with no pre-conceived plan or drawing and the designs evolve as I work. I thrive on challenging myself by using new tools and techniques in the creative process that further enhance each piece.

For more images of these works, commissions or any other projects please get in touch so we can discuss the piece that is perfect for you!

Find me on Instagram and Facebook @studiothreetwofour

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