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Hannah Fouhy


Her photographs focus on the intimate relationship humans share with the land, especially in times of such volatile and uncertain climate upheavals. She has just completed her Masters in Fine Arts with First Class Honours at Elam and intends to continue studying later this year. She was a finalist for the RT Nelson Emerging Artist awards at the 2019 NZ Art Show. Her work draws heavily on the concept of the Sublime, the expression of complete awe, terror and fear when encountering such wonders in nature as huge mountains, oceanic expanses or grand sand dunes.

Her photographs zoom in on the physical textures of the land to explore this complex relationship as humanity finds itself more and more inescapably enmeshed within nature and dependent on a changing environment.

She holds a long-standing love affair with traditional modes of darkroom photography. Her photographs are all limited edition, silver-gelatin black and white photos, printed from either 35mm or 4 by 5 large format negatives. Each print is unique, the light and contrast variations as well as the occasional imperfections a welcome effect of manually printing from the negative.

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