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Helen Dean


Helen Dean paints colourful, layered abstract paintings. She completed a BA in Fine Art in the 1990’s but only started painting consistently again in 2015, after moving out to live amongst the trees of Titirangi, West Auckland."I started creating some art for our home and didn't want to stop. I posted some of my work online and was excited to sell my first two paintings to a buyer in Sydney. Since then I have continued to paint regularly, selling direct to collectors around the world from my website and taking part in local art shows here in New Zealand."

"I am always learning about colour, form and how paint works and this keeps me excited about the painting process. I create small colour studies as a starting point but work intuitively as I begin to paint. I work on a few paintings at a time which allows me to continue working while waiting for layers to dry. I enjoy exploring differences, in mark making, forms, thicknesses of paint and colour combinations. My paintings are created slowly over weeks or months by adding many layers to produce a final piece where small traces of the first layers can be glimpsed. I find myself working to create paintings that have a balance between the soft, organic forms and more controlled, geometric elements."

If you like my work, I'd love to hear from you.
You can email me and I can send you more photos/video of the paintings you're interested in.
I also have a monthly email which you can sign up for on my website.

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