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Helena Morris


After a decade as a painter in acrylics, Helena discovered Encaustic art. Now in her rural studio, nestled in the rolling hills of the historical Moutere near Nelson, she creates unique artworks using lustrous natural beeswax and damar resin. Beeswax and resin are melted together to form a fluid painting medium that requires heat to fuse each layer to the one laid down before. The word Encaustic means 'to burn' or 'burn in'.
Inspired by colour, texture and her natural environment Helena uses colour and mixed media elements to create bold artworks full of depth and luminosity.Helena finds inspiration from her garden , the environment and thoughts and feelings that are constantly in her head. She is passionate about the process, which is where the real prize is for this Artist.
Helena is an exhibiting member of the Suter Art Gallery, Nelson. Her work is available from MacMillans Sculptures and Gallery, Upper Moutere, Soul Gallery, Hamilton or from her Studio and website.
Helena can be contacted by email, phone or through her website
021 022 48013

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