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J Stewart


-Jamie was born in New Zealand in 1977 and has lived most of his life in the farming community, spending a lot of time outdoors and in the wilderness. He is a self-taught artist who obtained a Diploma in Art and Creativity from the Learning Connexion in 2012. Jamie reflects his rural surroundings in his landscapes, which can be realistic or imaginary, using highest quality Winsor & Newton oil paints.

“Landscapes are my passion at the moment and I am fascinated by the beauty of the land and its spiritual essence which I endeavour to capture, bringing realism and a sense of being into its very presence.”

Jamie produces high quality works, some having up to 20 layers. His strong spiritual connection with the wilderness shows in his works and also demonstrates his passion for the outdoors.

Jamie works full time on his oil paintings and many of his artworks can be found in collections and homes throughout in New Zealand and overseas. He has also exhibited extensively throughout New Zealand, including Parliament buildings (beehive) in Wellington, New Zealand.

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