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Janet Carter

Bay of Plenty

I have been involved in the Visual Arts throughout my career, in Advertising and Art Education. I have a diverse cultural heritage and am a fifth-generation New Zealander. It is through the cultural heritage of my grandchildren and the wider whānau, that I have been able to extend on and combine new-found knowledge with my design skills. Recent artworks are based on Kowhaiwhai patterns, migration, and the navigational journey across the Pacific Ocean. I have made Contemporary Paddles based on decorative Maori paddles which were sought after by Captain Cook (1769). My first Series of Paddles titled: "Aumoana" depict the deep Blue Pacific Ocean. I like to experiment with colour and pattern, strong vibrant, and subtle colours to add depth and meaning to my artworks. Each Series of Paddles represents the navigational journey by brave Maori warriors in search of new land and beginnings. The Paddles shape and form and the Kowhaiwhai patterns of curvilinear Koru serve as representations of the waters, waves, and seabed of the Pacific Ocean.

The "Hiwerawera" Series conveys the brilliant and vibrant sparkling Red/Whero, a depiction of Mana, Strength, Courage, and Honour.

Title of Image on Left: The "Matai Aumoana" Series represents Courage, Bravery, Strength, Endurance navigating across the deep Pacific Ocean with the use of Blue and Green to depict the waves of the majestic Ocean.


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