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Jessie Christieson


Hi! Welcome to my world of abstract art. I am so excited that you are here! I am a self taught abstract artist living in Christchurch NZ . I have been an abstract mixed media hobbyist for most of my life however this past year has seen me emerge beyond the walls of my home as an artist exhibiting at art shows around the country, with work sold into homes throughout NZ and internationally.

I had successfully been selected for 5 national art shows in 2020, but alas, the current climate does not allow for most of them to go ahead.

In 2019, whilst recovering from an accident, I discovered the beautiful world of fluid art. It was, and has become, a healing therapy and a way for me to reach others through the expression of colour, movement and texture, either apparent or imagined. My Christian faith has enabled me to see this as a real gift in the face of adversity...a Beauty from Ashes experience.

It is my absolute desire to create artwork that truly draws an emotional response from YOU, the viewer, a piece that stops you in your tracks and keeps you spellbound as you feel and experience the beauty and essence of the piece. An artwork that sparks joy every time you look at it! I hope you find a piece to call your own.

Click through to to see more of my work on my fb ART page.. and find me on Instagram @JessieChristieson.ART

Many of the face on photos do not show the glorious shine of the glass like resin finish , and the metallic and irridescent paints used are equally difficult to capture in a photo... so if you're interested in seeing more detail of a particular piece, do get in touch through the "contact artist" button and I can show you a short video hopefully capturing the brilliant shine and glass like finish of the resin, and the gorgeous bronze, gold and copper inks and paints used, and the glitz and glam of those using glitter and crushed metallic flakes)

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