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Jo Mallinger

New Plymouth

Artist Bio, Jo Mallinger

I am a self employed artist based in New Plymouth, Taranaki.

My latest series of paintings and drawings are inspired by my deep love of animals. I have chosen to paint/draw them in their natural environment and depicted them in an ethereal/otherworldly manner, thus showing their fragility and how we need to look after the planet more.

My other new series is mainly Inspired by kawaii 1950s Japanese figurines and ornaments and using the soft 1950s inspired palette that I have alway loved, I set to work to create a whimsical stress free world were animal ornaments from days gone by interact and fall in love just the way I imagined that my toys used to do in my childhood, incorporating humour into my work has always been very important to me.
Irony and humour is also pivotal in some of my work, as is evident in the 'late supper' painting.

Peters Doig Art Award Finalist 2014
Impressions Art Award Finalist 2014
Waiheke Art Award Finalist 2013

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