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Josef Kieninger

Levin - Waitarere Beach

Germany: Typesetter with Master of Craftsman Diploma, Graphic-Design (Biberach); Drawing (Darmstadt); Art History – Modern Art (Tuebingen); Woodcut Print Artist with mostly commission works for several institutions including the sculpture for the Jewish Memorial Ellwangen/New York ... 

New Zealand: We emigrated from Germany to New Zealand 14 years ago. Since then I am carving and printing the woodcuts in my historic letterpress studio at Waitarere Beach.
 Inspired by exceptional German woodcut artists, like Albrecht Duerer, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Hap Grieshaber, I developed my own style in woodcut art. The minimise of details gives a strong and clear expression to the pictures. The broad spectrum in printmaking keeps me motivated and passionate.

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