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Kirsty White


Living on Wellington's rugged and beautiful south coast has inspired my series of hand printed artworks, 'Around the bays'. Capturing local landscapes right around the harbour and beyond. Current work explores further up the west and east coasts including the Wairarapa where I was born and bred.

I discovered printmaking through my degree in spatial design at Massey University. The printing press and the many processes and techniques involved in print making opened up a world where art, design and craft collide. Giving me the freedom to express myself through drawing, mark making, pattern design and more.
Inspired by Maori whakairo, Fijian masi cloth and Samoan tapa, my landscapes are merged with patterning and often spark a nostalgic reaction to a favourite view. My passion is the ability to convey an historic narrative within a modern artwork. This original take on our beloved landscape gives us more than hills and water. It's also a chance for me to portray New Zealand's rich cultural mix, our history and our passion for our land.

I have exhibited and sell work in many galleries and museum stores throughout Wellington and beyond.
With covid19 interruptions the print studio I use has been closed and any new work on hold for now. Some images have been added from my sketch book of work in progress. Please feel free to indicate any interest in this work for later in the year. I look forward to when we are all up and running again.

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