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Lisa Call

Kapiti Coast

Pattern, Line and Color.

And texture. I use of fabric as my painting medium and create texture with stitch. To touch - it's irresistible.

Unfortunately the problem with texture... it is very hard to capture the sense of touch in a photograph. Below you will see detail images of some of the work to give you a sense of what it might look like in real life. I can send additional photos if interested so please ask.

Adventure and Connection are the underlying themes in all of my artwork – be it abstract or a landscape.

What does that mean? It means I think a lot about how we relate to each other. I'm a life coach so this is partly because this is my job. I also find it fascinating. The masks we wear and the barriers we put up to keep others out. And that incredible moment when we drop the pretense, embrace vulnerability and we feel seen. And validated.

Sometimes people say they can tell I used to be a software engineer by looking at my work. Maybe because of the structure?

I've been making, exhibiting and selling textile paintings for over twenty years. This is my fifth year exhibiting at the New Zealand Art Show. I also exhibit my work in shows around NZ and the USA.

My work is represented by Bluestone Fine Art Gallery in Philadelphia and the online retailer Artful Home in the USA and is included in many public and private collections, such as the University of Pennsylvania.

You can read more about my artwork, see lots more art and read my blog at my website:

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