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Lyndon Keene

NSW Australia

I’ve never lived far from the sea, which is probably why water or a suggestion of it often finds a way into my landscape-inspired paintings. Not that I’m concerned with actual topography. Rather, my paintings are an emotional expression of ‘landscape’, broadly interpreted. They are attempts to discover a sense of its past, its evolution, its rhythms, its spirit and beauty, reflecting aspects of being human. My point of departure is not what we have lost but are explorations of what we may yet find - finding a way of looking at what we have - and its possibilities.

I work intuitively through a process of construction and deconstruction, layering and overpainting, and always open to chance and accident.

A brief history: I started - but didn’t finish - studying art in England before moving to New Zealand some decades ago. After a long distraction in journalism I took up painting again in the early 2000s and have since exhibited throughout New Zealand and more recently in Australia. I am now based on the Illawarra coast, south of Sydney, though I’m a frequent visitor to New Zealand and consider myself a trans-Tasman painter.

Note: Prices are in NZ dollars and include packaging and postage. No international transactions needed - payments may be made into my NZ bank account.
Publications: The Art of the Garden, published by Maraha Gallery, 2011
Awards: Trustees Choice Award, New Zealand Art Show, Wellington, August 2012
Australian national Greenway Open Art Prize Finalist - Art Est. Gallery, Sydney, November 2016
Top-10 best seller: Christchurch Art Show, June 2017

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