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Lyndon Keene

NSW Australia

I’ve never lived far from the sea, which is probably why water or a suggestion of it often finds a way into my landscape-inspired paintings. Not that I’m concerned with actual topography so much as creating a sense of landscape, the tangible and intangible, finding its rhythms and harmonies in simplified forms and the expressive qualities of colour.
I work intuitively through a process of construction and deconstruction, layering and overpainting, and always open to chance and accident.
While I currently live in Australia, I’m a frequent visitor to New Zealand and consider myself a trans-Tasman painter. I enjoy sketching wherever I go but I don’t usually use sketches directly for my paintings; rather, sketching helps me to feel grounded in a place and to keep a mental store of impressions well stocked, which I feel is important for an intuitive painter.
A brief history: I started - but didn’t finish - studying art in England before moving to New Zealand some decades ago. After a long distraction in journalism I took up painting again in the early 2000s and have since exhibited throughout New Zealand and more recently in Australia. I am now based on the Illawarra coast, south of Sydney.

Note: Prices are in NZ dollars and include packaging and postage. No international transactions needed - payments may be made into my NZ bank account.
Publications: The Art of the Garden, published by Maraha Gallery, 2011
Awards: Trustees Choice Award, New Zealand Art Show, Wellington, August 2012
Australian national Greenway Open Art Prize Finalist - Art Est. Gallery, Sydney, November 2016
Top-10 best seller: Christchurch Art Show, June 2017

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