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Michelle Retimana


This year’s exhibition revisits my previous series of Bronze Sculptures, ‘similar but different’, my focus continues with ‘my girls’ inspired by Cirque du solei; acrobats, dancers and contortionists playing with movement.

Also simple forms of Whale and Dolphin tails, leaves, flowers, feathers and shells ‘Natures Treasures’
…though not always easy to cast in bronze.

- I feel that 3d wall art alongside paintings add interest to that space, so have included wall hung pieces in all my series.

I have been interested in casting bronze since my teenage years and I started working in wax in 2009, after my first bronze casting experience in 2010 I was ‘hooked’. I use the lost wax process to create bronze sculptures, while grinding patina and mounting are often tedious, the excitement of sculpting wax, pouring molten bronze and smashing the ceramic shell reward me with ‘one off’ sculptures.

Because my pieces are all individually created ‘one off’, there can be no redo … if it doesn’t pour successfully, its gone!
I have pride in creating individually hand formed work …every piece unique.

NOTE; I will be updating with new works as pieces are sold, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
AS A THANK YOU for your support I have reduced my prices by 10% for this online Exhibition, thanks very much for your support and stay safe.

MY APOLOGIES FOR ANY DELAY IN REPLY, I have noticed emails are going into my spam box, if you do not get a reply in a couple of days please also check your spam box, thanks.

I will be uploading videos of my work on Facebook to give a better perspective, my intention is to do this fortnightly or monthly, you do not need to have a facebook account to see.
1st video

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Measurements are in centimetres

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