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Natacha Williams


The artwork produced by Tash has been the result of having a great life living in many countries around the world, most of which inspired her to express the beauty in the wildlife she observed in each place. Some of the countries were third world and this made her life more restricted as there was little ability to freely roam, making art a great outlet. She has recently moved to New Zealand and is embracing the natural beauty that this country has to offer. Tash is mostly self-taught with some participation in short courses at a few different Art Schools. Tash has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions in several countries. Her painting and drawing styles include mediums such as oils, watercolours, acrylics and pastels. Her oil and watercolour paintings have a rather unique loose style to them. Her favourite is drawing and painting birdlife from each place she has visited. Birds represent life and character and with so many varieties and colours they are just such a pleasure to paint and cheer up any environment.

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