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Nikki Corbishley


*The first collection of paintings have all been sold. Another collection will be coming soon. Visit for updates and sneak peeks.
*Print orders are currently closed as I work on the new collection of paintings. Thank you everyone for your support!

A passionate still life enthusiast and pottery fan, the very essence of painting for Nikki Corbishley is in its stillness. It is quiet, contemplative, and enables the mind to engage in something entirely removed from the hectic pace of everyday life. She is endlessly intrigued by how light activates form, and is inspired by the work of Giorgio Morandi, studying how incremental changes to still life arrangements change the way we perceive an object's shape, colour, and surface qualities. Whether she is painting potter’s hands, the pot they made, or the juxtapositions of ceramics, cardboard, glass, or rolls of packaging tape, she is celebrating the relationships between objects that connect her to the potters and craftspeople that greatly inspire her.

Nikki Corbishley gained a BFA (Hons) from Massey University in 2004 and has been teaching painting since 2006.

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