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Oniyonkid was born in Levin and grew up with a pencil in her hand and immersed in her imagination.

In the 90’s she moved to Sydney, Australia and studied at Enmore Design School.
Oniyonkid lived and worked for 12 years in Sydney as a surface designer for her ceramic company Oniyon.
Her work sold throughout Australia, New Zealand and abroad.

Oniyonkid draws her inspiration and paint palette from her photography which delivers a diverse range of colour and texture that her surroundings offer her.
Her work is based around her love of humour and reaches back to a youthful memory with the fusion of capturing a moment in the present time.

Oniyonkid is currently based in Invercargill where she works from her studio. She is also the owner and director of Thinkit Art.

Instagram: @oniyonkid
Chambers Art Gallery + Studio Space:

Exhibitions and Awards

2020 - Exhibited QT Contemporary - Art Now - Group Show - Queenstown
2019 - Best Contemporary Art Work - Queenstown Arts Centre Art Award
2019 - Finalist in the Golds Art Awards - Central Stories Museum & Art Gallery - Alexandra
2019 - Finalist in ILT Art Awards - Invercargill
2019 - Exhibited QT Contemporary - Temporarily Temporal - Group Show - Queenstown
2019 - Exhibited QT Contemporary - New Kid in Town - Group Show - Queenstown

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