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Richard Landers

-New Plymouth

Fulfilling a fascination with form and light through my lifelong medium of glass, The Glass Gallery started from my small studio space at Ohawe Beach. Fast-forward more than 30 years we’ve created a larger studio in country side near New Plymouth incorporating a gallery featuring multiple award-winning works.
From concept through to finished piece, each step is done by hand with meticulous attention to quality and detail, using mainly Recycled window Glass scrounged from friendly glazing firms.
Some pieces include metallic coatings ( dichroic ) vaporized to the surface of the glass resulting in an ever changing palette of colour.
Including many New more complex works this year.
Without Light there is No colour. Light is the True colour
Light and Reflection are manipulated, With simple Form
With these works, utilising Recycled window glass
Form seduces the Eye- and the viewer is able to explore
Colour in Transparency. The Interior always complimenting the Exterior.
Discovery- rewards the Curious. The Element of Risk...
Never be afraid to Look.
Richard Landers .
Selected Awards and Exhibitions
2017 Easter Glass Awards Auckland; Merit Award Glass Sculpture- Complete `Divide’
2018 Easter Glass Awards Auckland; 2nd place Glass Sculpture Award- `Urchin’
2018 Easter Glass Awards Auckland; People’s Choice Award- `Urchin’
2019 Easter Glass Awards Auckland; Highly Commended Award- `Gateway’
2019 Easter Glass Awards Auckland; People’s Choice Award- `Gateway’
2019 NZ Art Show, Wellington ; Awarded Top 10 of Show- `Opposites Attract’
2020 Koru on Devon Gallery New Plymouth `Form’ Exhibition SOLD OUT
2020 NZ Glassworks NZSAG Members Glass Show ` Woven’ SOLD OUT f. The Glass Gallery:Richard Landers

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