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roOm -


“roOm” is the artist name that I create and show my work under.
I was Wellington-based for 19 years, but I have now relocated to Turanganui-a-kiwa, Gisborne. I am interested in the anonymity that photography brings. When you take a photo, people focus on the image and the camera.. not the artist behind it. I like the idea of the artist being invisible, and letting the camera do the work. I love the personal vision that photography brings out, my eye sees things different to yours and yours different to mine. I also like trying to capture solitude and isolation in my images, travelling to remote or over-looked locations to photograph at dusk, dark or low-light.
Since being the recipient of the 2017 Signature Art Award, my creative life has been busy and rewarding. After my success at the NZ Art Show last year, I spent much of the latter part of 2017 completing commission and exhibition work, as a result, the show and it’s been an incredible and humbling experience.
Moving to the East Coast has been great for my creative practise, with many new environments and possibilities emerging for my work. I am really looking forward to being involved in the NZ Art Show again in 2020 and look forward to showing my new collection.

Layby and payment plans on all works are welcome, please contact me to discsuss.

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