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Saehae Lee

based in Australia

-My works are created by the thought of how blessed we are each day, and we miss it so much because of our daily life routine. Flowers are beautiful plants which blooms at its fullest, I have chosen roses especially because of its beauty and thorns. Every blessing is a gift but some could hurt, just so that we can over come it and move on. What blessings did you receive today?
I enjoy creating painterly dreamy photos to express my imaginations so that hopefully the work itself would talk instead of words.

2010 Graduated Auckland University Elam, Bachelor of Fine Arts.
2011 First Solo Exhibition at Gallery Banditrazos in Seoul Korea.
2011 NZ Art Show - Signature Piece Finalists
2011 Art Edition 2011
2012 NZ Art Show Launch, NZ Art Show - Signature Piece Finalists
2013 NZ Art Show
2014 Braveheart Art Exhibition (NZ)
2015 NZ Art Show - Signature Piece Finalists

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