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Sarah Albisser


Female portraits of essence. In my work I capture expressions, feelings, moods and mental states. It’s facinating how each of us have our unique way, which is shown in facial expression, body gesture and our overall presence.

In the past I have never used images or photos of faces, most of my portraits are developed through improvisation inspired by female characters I have come across. My works always have a theme or a story behind them which I express in a abstract and sureal manner.

My large drawings, which I have named the Wirelady’s, have evolved from a long history of sketching. I call it structured improvisation; combination of uncontolled and controlled chaos with some identifiable characteristics.

Sarah Albisser was born in Switzerland. She completed her studies as a contemporary dancer in 1996 at the Merce Cunningham Studio in New York. Her career as an independent dancer and choreographer includes founding the dance theatre company Waterproof in 2001. The company has had successful performances in Switzerland and overseas with awards in 2002 for new comers and 2003 for her work as a dancer andchoreographer from the Cultural Department Canton Lucerne. In 2006 she received a certificate in art from Farbmuehle in Lucerne, Switzerland. In 2007 she immigrated to New Zealand where she continued and developed her art practice.

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