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Sue Lund


Gday ,
In the late 90's I did a BFA in Paint at the National Art School in Sydney then in 2003 I did a Masterclass in Formless at The Learning Connexion in Wellington.
From 2006 till 2014 Paint and I went on an incredible journey painting The Learning Connexions campus buildings...8 years and 8 buildings ,I call it Tcartsba which is abstract backwards.
From here I now live in Taitoko (Levin) .
I work full-time with paint and together we travel as far as we feel , colour is my main thing at the moment , frequently Paint and I explore the world of Black and White this helps in finding colour find itself.
We work on a myriad of surfaces from canvases and boards to fibreglass and polyresin beings.
When the opportunity is right we do do plein air Lundscapes of where we are at anytime.
Eventually Paint and I come to a consensus when its time to leave the work and move on, and then the work finds its new home for now.

you tube has 2 videos just type sue lund

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