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Tanya Blong


Blong's ongoing series known as “The Bathers” is suggestive of a mottled memory of time and place. It evokes hot heady summers and the intoxication of the tropical, of fragrant flowers and humid vegetation. The broody narrative hosts a suite of figures, cloistered at water’s edge, idyllic and inviting yet it holds an undercurrent, a tension… it is that place you think you know, but with further mining presents itself as much much more.

The series developed after Blong spent Five years living in Western Australia. The culmination of modern Australian art, the light and colour reflected in the land, but particularly the notion of nostalgia, the hazy memory of time and place, a consort of friends enveloped in a sense of security, this developed the notion of place, specifically of the land owning us, as place being of kinship quality.
It is not just the elusive bygone era that she is addressing but the celebration of painting, the laying down of colour by colour, the marriage of lights and darks. It is these juxtapositions of colours that convey emotion and elude to the viewer a sense of inclusion…. or perhaps exclusion.

Raised on the shores of Taranaki, Blong studied at Hungry Creek Art and Craft school, New Zealand, graduating in 2006 with a major in painting and sculpture.
She continued with a full-time sculpture practice, and spent 6 years as studio assistant to renown New Zealand sculptor Terry Stringer.
Living in Western Australia for 5 years she worked as an art technician in a private school, along with mentoring programmes and community workshops with Indigenous communities.
Extensive travel has influenced and informed her work
Blong's work is held in national and international collections, she has participated in numerous group and solo shows.

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