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Tim Christie


About the Artist

Tim Christie is a locally and internationally represented artist. Outside of New Zealand he has exhibited at fairs and with with galleries in Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, Manchester, Chester and Edinburgh. His work has been sold to collectors from around the world from Australia to North America to Scandinavia.

In March this year his art was broadcast on over 1,000 LED screens across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. A Dubai based art curator and advocate for international emerging artists curated the digital exhibition that was featured continuously on giant screens and in over 200 towers.

It all started in 2017 when he first exhibited at the New Zealand Art Show. He sold out on the opening night and realised there was something in his work that captivated collectors and galleries alike. In 2018 he won an international art competition with the UK’s largest fine art group Castle Fine Art. From there things snowballed.

When he is not working on his art he is involved in a number of design projects. He has developed some of New Zealand's most iconic brands including the Interislander, Radio New Zealand, New Zealand Wine and the city of Invercargill brand. His work has featured in New Zealand and Australian design awards and published internationally. Tim is also the co-founder and creative director of Storbie, a New Zealand based ecommerce success story that is currently expanding into Australia.


MONOMOKO was conceived on a trip overseas, which he attributes to a change of scene and some clear head-space.

"The idea came about when I imagined the dynamic effect that might emerge from combining the precision of geometric abstraction with biological symmetry. I was curious to explore the relationship between a very controlled technical aesthetic and facial features, with the inherent symmetry of the latter providing a shared language between these two worlds.

What emerged initially was incredibly striking and I began crafting the explorations into finished pieces. MONOMOKO became the perfect name to represent this body of work referencing the mostly ‘monochromatic’ colouring of the designs and the graphic symmetry of traditional Māori ‘moko’, an indigenous art form from New Zealand."


A lot of my work is about exploring and teasing out the void between abstract and representational. The larger and less detailed the patterning, the greater the territory or 'no-man's-land' between these two worlds. I enjoy protracting the transitional experience between them and using the two-fold effect to convey ideas. With the painted pieces I exploit the 2D surface qualities to draw attention to the graphic nature of the art and to further 'camouflage' the underlying 3D compositions. It allows me to present seemingly abstract pieces of geometric art that can concurrently tell stories and explore themes with representational subject matter.

In my 'diversity' series for example I use threaded linear patterning to imply connectedness and unity across mixed races, genders and generations. The interwoven pattern is dominant and places emphasis on togetherness, rather than separation, which supports notions of similarity instead of difference.

Many pieces are whimsical and have a quirky idea or story to tell. Some explore deeper themes or cultural ideas. Artwork is mixed-media including original acrylic paintings, weavings, limited edition digital prints and light-boxes.

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