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Vanessa Hardley

South Canterbury

I specialise in Macro Photography and have grown up with a very holistic view to life: and equally to death. The photographic work on display is part of The Psychopomp Perspective; Psychopomp loosely translated is someone who would guide souls in their death process.

As I had lived a Replenishing Lifestyle on my farm; I would hatch and dispatch my own chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese. This lifestyle offered me the chance to respect and appreciate my animals and what they provided for me. These are visual experiences that I had never seen in any other form and I would imagine that there are very few people that would ever get to see these, as most people obtain their meat from more commercial production methods. These animals that I have used in my photos had lead wonderfully full and contented lives and their death had naturally been calling to them. I can not think of a better way to show how appreciated and loved they were and that in some small way I am able to honour their death and life.

I am well aware that this could seem macabre however my hope is that my appreciation for the soul will prevail over any negative connotations. I am also aware that this could spark controversy; for me that would be a great compliment as debate and discussion is a great way to defeat fear. My greatest hope is that I will be recognised as photographic artist that has broken boundaries around death; to be able to embrace it for the beautiful moment that it is and to appreciate the vessel that had held the life.

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