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Wendy Hannah


Wendy Hannah is an experimental artist using the alchemy of paint and liquid glass to hype up the colors she uses in her work which was developed while she attended Elam. The Orphism Movement – lyrical abstraction, influences her work bringing together a sensation of pure colour using the form, and reflective light to communicate meaning. As you get close to the work the slick liquid glass layer will transport you inside a pool of colour and thought.

Wendy is known for her X works. The X shape in the past was a mark used as a territorial symbol much like a survey peg. I use a network of triangulation to determine mindset, using the language of colour.

Her new liquid glass works were made during the lockdown, reflecting the beauty of the Tamaki Estuary where she lives. Not being able to swim in the waters of the estuary she could only make kaleidoscopes of pooling colour to quench her thirst for the sea. She was a recent finalist in the Tamaki Estuary, Ecology Awards with her work 'Longshore Drift' using the same medium.

Wendy's artworks are held in galleries, commercial spaces, and residential homes throughout NZ and Overseas

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