FAQs – for NZ Art Show Online Artists

NZ Art Show Online is a wonderful opportunity for you to continue your art practice and to remain connected with the arts loving community.

We are always available if you have any queries or require any technical assistance: artists@artshow.co.nz


  • NZ Art Show Online is an online portal to showcase NZ Art Show artists and their work online.
  • This initiative replaces the NZ Art Show, which was to be held in Wellington, NZ, over Queen’s Birthday Weekend but was cancelled in response to Covid-19.
  • In the spirit of Kiwi creativity, we identified an opportunity to continue supporting our artists and the New Zealand arts community during this challenging time. 
  • You have been invited to this site because you were selected to exhibit in the Wellington event
  • You will be given your own page where you upload images of artworks and all the information required: you manage your page as if it was your own website.
  • You will be given your login details which are unique to you and instructions on how to use your site.
  • If someone is interested in your artwork, you will receive a message in your inbox from them and then you can start the conversation. Please note that no sales take place through the site, you will arrange payment and delivery directly with the buyer.
  • It’s very important that you keep your page up to date and current; make sure that your best image is your feature image as this is what people will first see.
  • The NZ Art Show will implement a robust online marketing campaign to highlight NZ Art Show 2020 Online and, like the NZ Art Show, our biggest advocates are our artists and sponsors – so we encourage you to market your page through your networks.


  • All artists on this site were selected to be in the 2020 NZ Art Show
  • All artists are a NZ resident or citizen
  • We also accept applications from other artists, but there is a selection process. Please email artists@artshow.co.nz to register your interest
  • All artworks are to be priced under $5,000


  • All queries to artists@artshow.co.nz


It’s important to communicate with your customer the disruption that may have occurred during this time. You may not have materials in time, be able to get the artwork to them in a reasonable time, you may not be able to get your works framed or printed – it’s important that you clearly communicate this directly.



Due to the lockdown, I didn’t have access to my studio / art materials so I  don’t have any / many artworks to show

  • You, may put up samples of previous artworks with SOLD as the price.
  • In the Biography section of your site, please indicate your situation and that you will have more available when the current situation improves. Also indicate that commissions are welcome
  • Add new artworks to your page when you complete them

Do I have to have all my works on the site?

  • You can have as many as you like on the site, but we recommend you put up more rather than less, even if it means including sold works. Add new artworks to your page when you complete them

Would we be required to take photos of the artworks?

  • Yes. Then you upload the images to your site

Am I able to have my work for sale on other websites at the same time?

  • We advise not to as this can be confusing for you to manage. But the decision is yours.

Will I be able to include hyperlinks to my other sites that I show my art on

  • You can include URL addresses in your biography but the site doesn’t allow for direct links to other sites from your NZ Art Show Online site

How long will the site be up?

  • Until the end of the 2020 – December 31

What is the commission on sales?

  • The NZ Art Show does not take any commission


How many artworks can I exhibit on the site?

  • You can upload up to 20 images at any one time – if your work is required to be seen at different angles, say for a 3D work, you may have to upload 2 images to show one work.  You must give information about each artwork including medium, size and price.

What’s the highest price I can put on my artworks?

  • No more than $5,000 (important to note that the average price at the NZ Art Show is $650 and you were selected by our panel for many reasons, and one of those was your price point).

Can I show older works which haven’t sold?

  • You can show whatever artworks you like, but we encourage you to upload current works.

Do all my artworks on the site need to be for sale?

  • We want to encourage sales, so it is advised that all your works are for sale.

I do original paintings, but I also make digital copies of the paintings. Can I sell those copies on the site?

  • Yes. Full information about prints is in the Artist Handbook we send you and on our website here

Do I use the artworks I emailed you when I applied for the show or may I use others??

  • You may use whatever artworks you like as long as they are your best works and as long as they are representative of the artworks you emailed

Can I use apps like Art APP and ArtView to display my artworks in a virtual setting?

  • We recommend that you don’t as these apps often give a false sense of what the art will look like in a real setting – and you might get unhappy customers
  • If you have access to a stunning interior, then take your own in-situ photos

Will I be able to display two or more images of the same painting/artwork from different angles?

  • Yes, but you would use 2 or 3 of the 20 placements available to show the same artwork.

Can I sell both framed and unframed artworks?

  • Yes. And you should include prices for both framed an unframed.

Can I upload videos to my site?

  • Unfortunately, no. However, in your biography, you can include a URl address to an online site which hosts videos like Vimeo and Youtube


  • Full information about prints, photographs and reproduction copies is in the Artist Handbook we send you and on our website here

What’s the maximum edition number of prints I’m allowed to sell on the site

  • 30


How does someone contact me if they are interested in my work

  • There is a contact form on each artist’s page – visitors to the site will contact you via this form and messages will come directly to your email address. From there you liaise directly with the customer.
  • We advise that you check your spam folder everyday

How does someone buy my artwork?

  • Anyone who wants to purchase your  work will contact you via the contact form on your page
  • The sale is negotiated directly between you and the buyer – NZ Art Show has no involvement with any sales

How do sales take place?

  • Once the customer has confirmed that they want to buy your art, you make payment arrangements with purchaser
  • Instruct purchasers to pay directly into your bank account: you will need to give them your bank account number, and tell them what to put as reference and code so that you can easily identify the payment when you check your bank account
  • If you use PAYPAL, then this can be an option
  • The customer might want to pay by instalments: you can negotiate this with customer

I sold an artwork: what now?

  • Please remove it from the site and replace it with another unsold artwork
  • If you don’t have any to replace the sold work, then leave it on your site and put SOLD in the price
  • Now you need to organise delivery to customer

What happens when I sell all my artworks on the site?

  • Congratulations! You can put all your artworks on the site with SOLD as the price.
  • Update your Biography – indicate that you will take commissions


  • You are responsible for delivering the artworks to the buyer
  • You are also responsible for packing it safely and securely

Who pays for the courier fee: me, the customer or NZ Art Show?

  • The NZ Art Show does not pay for any delivery fees.
  • Before your site goes live, you must decide how you want to manage this: will you pay, will the customer pay, or will you both pay?
  • In a show of good faith we recommend that you pay at least some of the courier costs if not all.
  • You might want to add to the artwork price a standard packaging and delivery fee – something that will work for both you and the customer

How do I transport the artworks to the buyerlocally, nationally / internationally?

  • It is recommended that you do this through a courier company and that you use a track and trace option
  • We recommend using a company like Pack and Send, they not only pick up and pack your work safely but they also offer insurance. They can also quote for international deliveries. They are a bit pricier than other courier providers but are one of the safer options.
  • If you choose to use another courier service, make sure you pack your work safely
  • Most courier companies offer an international service – confirm directly with the courier provider and ask for a quote (most do this online)


I don’t have a very good camera

  • Borrow a digital camera or phone that takes very good photos from a friend or family member

I’m not good at taking photos

  • Enlist the aid of a friend or family member

I can’t log into my site

My images won’t upload or they are upside down


  • Please note that the NZ Art Show takes no responsibility for any issues resulting from the sales of artworks.
  • The site is a portal and all liaison and responsibility is that of the artist and their interactions with the buyer.
  • We do. however, offer some information for you as below:

I sent the artwork to the purchaser, but the customer says that they didn’t receive the package. What do I do?

  • If you use a courier it’s important to use a track and trace option. Once your package is collected, contact the buyer directly to confirm
  • Track the package until it is delivered
  • If the package wasn’t delivered, then you must talk directly with your courier provider

What if the customer changes their mind, but has already paid for the piece? Am I obliged to give a refund?

  • If the artwork is damaged or doesn’t fit the description as it was sold under, then yes you are obliged to give a refund on a return
  • Should the customer just change their mind, then no you are not obliged to – although we always encourage you to be fair and reasonable

The customer said the work was damaged when it arrived. What are my obligations?

  • Get them to take a photo right away, especially if the packaging is damaged
  • In a show of good faith, we recommend that you offer to get it repaired
  • You are obliged to give them a refund on a return
  • If it was damaged by the courier, then you must liaise directly with them to see what their procedures are.


How will people find out about NZ Art Show Online?

  • Through the NZ Art Show’s marketing and promotional campaign
  • We will send out an eDM every week, and each one will feature different artists
  • We will also call upon you, the artists, to spread the word

How do I help to promote my site?

  • Please share your page’s URL link in any digital formats you use: websites, social media, newsletters
  • Tell your friends and family and tell them to tell all their contacts

A-Z listing on the front page: my name starts with ‘S’. How are people going to see me when I am so far down the list

  • There will be two categories on the front page: Hot Picks, which will change regularly, and Featured Artists, which will change every time the computer is refreshed. You will feature in one of those categories at some stage

The NZ Art Show wishes to thank the following for their support.