Single Artist Wall

Click on any of the yellow boxes to be directed to the relevant resources.

Hint: read the Handbook first, as it has all the information you need.

Please read the handbook first, it has all the instructions to help prepare you and your art for the show. And please ensure that your art complies with our Terms and Conditions

The submission form needs to be filled in by April 21. The earlier, the better.

Please ensure that your art complies with our terms and conditions

A quick overview of the NZ Art Show 2023 timeline for quick reference. Full instructions are in your Artist Handbook

A comprehensive guide about prints: how many prints you’re permitted, and the types of prints permitted

Download and print this art label template to attach to each of your artworks.There are ten labels on the page.

You are free to use this template to create your own custom design but they must be in the size range of 90mm x 55mm.

Print this label and attach to your packages if you are couriering your art to the venue.

The NZ Art Show wishes to thank the following for their support: