The 2019 show is over – and what a show it was!!

Thanks to all the artists who participated – your art contributed to another successful show – quite possibly our most successful to date.

Time to get ready for the 2020 show!!

Applications will open in November.

We are currently updating all information for artists: it will be made available at least one month before applications open.


To be added to the artist database, please email to register your interest.


Now into its 16th year, the NZ Art Show continues its reign of success: over 10,000 attendees each year cements the show as New Zealand’s number one show of its kind. The show generates more than $1 million dollars in art sales each year and the artists receive three-quarters of that.

Year on year, we see a significant number of return visitors, collectors who are focused on finding exciting artists to add to their collections. Are you an exciting artist? Should you be added to their collections?

The show is the best platform for you to showcase their art to thousands of people. And it’s popular with art buyers as nothing is priced more than $5,000, one of the show’s draw cards.

For those artists who wish to participate, we encourage you all to start working on your artworks now, in preparation for your submission.

To make for a dynamic and progressive show selectors must ensure the NZ Art Show delivers a wide cross-section of styles and subject matter, so the selection process will be very rigorous – the NZ Art Show will be looking for :

  • Originality – Is this art original? Does it have a rare quality or is it obviously copying someone else’s work?
  • Technique – Is the technique refined? Is there evidence of sophisticated art practices?
  • Development – Is there evidence of development of style and technique?
  • Consistency – Is the artist’s style consistent?
  • Professionalism – Is it well presented? Has the artist gone to great lengths to ensure a professional and polished finish?
  • Affordability – Taking into consideration the artist’s history, is the price within a reasonable range? Or is it overpriced?


Some scenes from the 2019 show . . .