EMERGENT 2018: Terms and Conditions

Download a copy of the Emergent 2018 Terms and Conditions here

Artists making an application and artists who have been selected for EMERGENT 2018 agree to be bound by these terms. Any artists who breach any of the terms and conditions may have their artwork withheld from the show with no refund on any fees.

The NZ Art Show reserves the right to change or amend these Terms & Conditions at any time. Changes will be displayed on www.artshow.co.nz website and will have immediate effect.



  • All applicants must be studying in, or recently graduated within the last two years from, a recognised New Zealand art school.
  • All artwork presented must be by a living person.



  • The NZ Art Show operates as a cash-and-carry art exhibition – art is removed from the venue as it is sold (except for award competitors and heavy sculptures which cannot be moved easily).
  • With the exception of award finalists and heavy sculptures, artists may not request that any sold artworks remain on exhibition for the remainder of the show.
  • All artists will have artworks displayed in time for the opening night, however, any artwork not displayed in the initial hang due to lack of available space will be held in storage; sold pieces will be replaced by these artworks.
  • All artworks submitted by applicants must be for sale.
  • All sales are made through NZ Art Show and artists will be paid, minus commission, by 20 August 2018.
  • The NZ Art Show maintains full curatorial control of the EMERGENT 2018 exhibition space and will exhibit and rotate artworks at their discretion.
  • Movement of art off the walls is dictated by sales therefore the NZ Art Show management cannot guarantee that all artwork will be displayed



  • All artworks exhibited must be no more than two years old.
  • All artwork must be the artist’s own and not a copy of someone else’s.
  • Art works exhibited in previous NZ Art Shows are not eligible
  • Submitted artworks must resemble images submitted as part of application in terms of style and price range.
  • Domestic furniture and domestic textile crafts are not eligible.
  • Indecent, obscene and pornographic material not permitted: the NZ Art Show will assess the nature of artworks in accordance with their guidelines.
  • All artwork must be priced no more than $3,000. All artwork must be ready to hang or, if 3D, need to be ready to install. If the piece is heavy or needs special assembly it is the artist’s responsibility to install, if possible
  • All artwork must be labelled correctly as per labelling instructions given to selected artists
  • Each individual wall-hung piece must be no heavier than 15kg.
  • Where possible, all works must be signed.
  • There is a limit of three artworks per artist, however the NZ Art Show reserves the right to invite individual artists to submit more.
  • Size limit: The size of individual artworks must fit within the range outlined on page 2 of the Emergent 2018 Guide for Artists.
  • Jewellery and reproduction copies of original artworks are not eligible.
  • Works on paper must be mounted and framed securely: loose paper works will not be accepted.
  • Photography, original printmaking and etchings – you may submit one work from a limited edition of 15. The edition number must be clearly labelled on your work and art label. The edition will be the final and may not be added onto at a later date.
  • Photography MUST be framed. Mounting on foam core or canvas will not be accepted.
  • Heavy sculpture – the artist must deliver and install in the venue at the designated dates and times. The artist must also remove artwork from the venue at the designated time, whether it has sold or not, and make arrangements for delivery to purchaser.



  • Inclusion in the show is not automatic: all entries will be subject to a selection process.
  • The selection panel reserves the right to accept or reject any artist for whatever reason and their decision is final.
  • You will be notified of selection results within 10 working days of making your application.



  • Artists selected for EMERGENT 2018 acknowledge that images submitted to the NZ Art Show by the artist may be used as part of publicity for the show in the following manner: promotional brochures and posters, newspaper articles and advertising, website articles and marketing, NZ Art Show newsletters, NZ Art Show Facebook page, Instagram and other NZ Art Show social media pages, NZ Art Show website, Flickr, YouTube, The NZ Art Show Guide, NZ Art Show video and end of year report. As this publicity forms part of the marketing strategy for the NZ Art Show, artists will not receive remuneration for the use of their images. Any artists who refuse to allow their images to be used may be withdrawn from the show.
  • Any images of the NZ Art Show 2018 event and exhibiting artworks as commissioned by the NZ Art Show remain the property of the NZ Art Show and the NZ Art Show reserves the right to use those images at their discretion.



  • The NZ Art Show has no insurance provision for artworks, therefore the artist is strongly advised to make their own insurance arrangements in order to protect their work while in transit, in storage awaiting exhibition, at the exhibition or pending return to artist.



  • Artists are responsible for the costs of freight to the show and return of any unsold artworks after the show.
  • There are two options available for delivery and collection after the show – COURIER or
  • Selected artists will receive full instructions for delivery and post-show collection. Dates for delivery and collection are in the Artist Handbook available only to selected artists and on the Artist Timeline 2018, on the NZ Art Show website and in the Guide for Artists 2018.
  • These are the only dates available so if you are accepted please make every effort to ensure you are able to work with these dates.
  • On the submission form, you will be asked to indicate how you will be delivering and collecting your artwork.

7a. Courier

  • Any artists choosing to use a courier service to deliver their artwork must source and pay for their own courier.
    • Courier return of unsold artworks after the show: Artists wishing to use a courier to return unsold artworks will be given the option to either organise their own courier, or use the NZ Art Show appointed service and be invoiced: full instructions will be given to selected artists. Again, this will be at the artist’s own expense.

7b. Hand Delivery and Hand Collection pre and post NZ Art Show

  • There will be designated dates for hand delivery prior to the show and collection of unsold artwork after the show. Full information will be given to selected artists.
  • All unsold artwork must be collected on the dates specified in the timeline and artist handbook. Any artwork not collected by the final collection date will be retained by the NZ Art Show as a donation.



  • Artists will price their own work inclusive of GST and commission.
  • Even though our price range is $50 – $5,000 the average sale price is normally around $600. Therefore artists are expected to keep their prices in an affordable range.
  • NZ Art Show reserves the right to make recommendations to individual artists regarding pricing.



  • NZ Art Show will charge commission on all artworks sold. This charge will be deducted from the final payment to artists. Commission is 35%


10.  TAX & GST

  • All taxation liabilities will be the responsibility of all individual artists.
  • GST Registered artists will be responsible for all GST liabilities.
  • Artists who are not GST registered will have a gst charge on the commission.
  • For more information or clarification, please contact an accountant or the IRD.



  • All artists participating as part EMERGENT 2018 are eligible for this award. Entry is automatic
  • A judging panel will assess all artworks once they have been displayed in the lead up to the show
  • The four recipients will be selected prior to the show’s opening, Wednesday 30 May, 2018, and they will be announced at the Gala Evening Thursday May 31.
  • Each winner will receive $2,500 each.
  • The winners may be approached by media for interviews and artists are asked to consider undertaking any media tasks.



  • All artists participating as part of EMERGENT 2018 are eligible for this award. Entry is automatic – application form or fees are not required.
  • Artworks submitted to the NZ Art Show 2018 will be considered by the judging team at the venue prior to the start of the show.
  • Any artists not wishing to be considered for this award must notify the NZ Art Show by 14 May 2018 at the latest.
  • Ten finalists will be selected; they will be announced at the show 31 May 2018.
  • All ten finalists will be displayed together in a designated gallery at the NZ Art Show 2018.
  • Voting will take place for the duration of the show by those that visit the show and the winner will be announced in the week after the show. (June 11 – 15)
  • The $3,000 prize has been specifically earmarked to help further the recipient’s art practices; therefore the winner acknowledges that the prize money is for art related activities.
  • The award recipient must be prepared to inform and demonstrate to the NZ Art Show that they have used the prize for the purpose intended. Specific documentation may be requested by the NZArt Show as proof.
  • The winner may be approached by media for interviews and must undertake any media obligations.
  • Any breach of these terms may result in revocation of the prize or the artist may be required to refund the prize in full.



Artists will receive payment for all artwork sold (less commission, possible GST and possible courier expenses) by 20th August 2018 at the latest.



  • Whilst the NZ Art Show acts as an agent for artists for the duration of the show, once the artist has been paid in full for any artwork sold any issues arising from the sale of artworks are the full responsibility of the artist.
  • The NZ Art Show will not act as intermediary in the event of any disputes that may arise directly between the artist and purchaser: artists will manage all resultant issues themselves.



  • While the NZ Art Show will use its best endeavours to protect your artwork while in its care and until collected or donated to the Trust, the artist acknowledges that the NZ Art Show accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused to the art in transit or while in its care. Therefore all efforts to retrieve lost art or repair damages are the full responsibility of the artist