FAQs – for NZ Art Show Online Visitors

NZ Art Show Online is a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with the NZ Art Show artists and buy original New Zealand art with confidence

We are always available if you have any queries: info@artshow.co.nz

Please refer to our terms and conditions here


  • NZ Art Show Online is an online portal to showcase NZ Art Show artists and their work online.
  • This initiative replaces the NZ Art Show 2020, which was to be held in Wellington, NZ, over Queen’s Birthday Weekend but was cancelled in response to Covid-19.
  • In the spirit of Kiwi creativity, we identified an opportunity to continue supporting our artists and the New Zealand arts community during this challenging time. 


  • During the lock-down, some artists haven’t had access to all the materials they require. They are, however, very happy to work with you to negotiate time frames to deliver you the artwork you want.

Who selects the artists on the site?

  • The NZ Art Show selection committee selected the artists
  • All artists on this site were selected to be in the 2020 NZ Art Show
  • All artists are a NZ resident or citizen

Do I buy artworks directly from the site?

  • You buy directly from the artist

How do I contact the artist?

  • You contact the artists via the contact form on the artist’s page

How do I buy an artwork from the site?

  • Once you have contacted the artist and expressed interest in the artworks, the sale is negotiated directly between you and the artist: NZ Art Show is not involved with any sales

Who is responsible for the costs of delivering the artwork?

  • You need to negotiate this directly with the artist – as a rule of thumb, the prices on the website are for the artwork only.

I don’t live in New Zealand: can I still purchase artworks on this site?

  • Yes, but you will need to negotiate delivery with the artist

Can I ask an artist to put a piece on HOLD while I make up my mind?

  • Yes, you can ask. The artist will let you know if that’s OK.

Can I ask to view the artwork in person before making up my mind to buy it or not?

  • You may ask the artist. If you both live in the same town, this might be an easy thing to arrange


Please note that the NZ Art Show takes no responsibility for any issues resulting from the sales of artworks – the site acts as a portal and all liaison and responsibility is that of the artist and the interactions with the buyer. If you do have any issues, it is important to contact the artist straight away.

Generally, artists are very fair and reasonable – clear communication and respect of their craft is key. We do however, offer some information for you as below:

I purchased the artwork, the artist says they sent it but I didn’t receive the package. What do I do?

  • Once you have negotiated the sale and delivery with the artist, request that the artist uses a track and trace system and for them to send you the number.
  • If the artwork hasn’t arrived, correspond directly with the artist: it is their responsibility to track down the artwork.

What if I change my mind, but have already paid for the piece? Am I entitled to a refund?

  • If the artwork is damaged or doesn’t fit the description as it was sold under, then yes you are entitled to receive a refund on a return.
  • Should you just change your mind, then no, you are not entitled to receive a refund.

The work was damaged when it arrived. What are my obligations?

  • Take a photo right away, especially if the packaging is damaged, and contact the artist straight away. They are responsible for the work until it arrives.

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