Feast Your Eyes on These

Feast your eyes on this week’s diverse collection of artworks.

DON SERVICE | Christchurch
GLEN TURNER | Christchurch

 Art comes in all shapes, sizes, and media, and we love that the options are endless. The artists we’re showcasing today create their unique artworks using a range of material: steel, wood, bronze, and harakeke flax, oil paint, gold leaf, acrylic paint, watercolour, ink.  And can you spot the photographic cyanotype in the mix?  

Thank you for your continued support, it helps to keep the arts alive and active in NZ


DI CONWAY | Wellington
E’MERE PUKETAPU | Wellington
SVETLANA ORINKO | Christchurch
REBECCA MACFIE | South Wairarapa
JILL WHITE | New Plymouth
JONI MURPHY | Taranaki

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