Guide for Artists 2019

Applications Open:
16th October 2018

Applications Close:
28th February 2019

Held annually in the TSB Arena in Wellington, the NZ Art Show is New Zealand’s largest sale of original New Zealand artworks. It promotes a wide range of art with the aim of encouraging all New Zealanders to own original New Zealand art. Exhibiting around 2,000 artworks by over 200 artists, attendees are free to view and purchase art in a dynamic and stimulating environment. More than 10,000 people visit the show over the four-day show period proving that art is for everyone. It is a cash -n- carry event meaning that the show changes throughout the duration, as sold artworks are replaced.

15 years strong, the NZ Art Show is proud to be accessible, affordable, and reputable as a true representative of New Zealand’s diverse and unique artistic community. The NZ Art Show has a great reputation selling around $1,000,000 at every show. The NZ Art Show prides itself on its communication with the artists and its availability throughout the year. To make for a dynamic and progressive show we will exhibit a wide cross-section of styles and subject matter – all work is subject to a selection process.






GET SET . . . .


1. Single Artist Wall (SAW)

2. Solo Panel (SOLO)

3. RT Nelson Emerging Artist Award

1. Single Artist Wall – SAW

  • Artist is required at the show
  • Unlimited number of artworks (within reason)

In a nutshell: As a Single Artist Wall artist you manage your own allocated space at the NZ Art Show: it offers a wonderful opportunity for you to meet and promote your work to an enthusiastic audience and increase your database. You are required to be on-site for the duration of the show. You must hang and curate your space. Your artist pass will give you access to the gala evening, show days and storage space area. During show days you can arrive at the show half an hour before opening and depart half an hour after closing.


Exhibition fee:

  • 3 panels measuring 3.6m (w)x 2.3m (h) in total – $850 (minimum)
  • 4 panels measuring 4.8m (w)x 2.3m (h) in total–$1,100 (maximum)
  • Plinth for promotional material (optional) – $60
    • you may supply your own but this must be approved by NZ Art Show.
  • If you require plinths to exhibit your art, please contact for discussion

 Size Limit:

  • Artworks must fit within your allocated wall space


Support person:

  • An assistant pass is available to you for a discounted rate of $100 – this allows you to bring someone with you to enjoy the gala evening and show days – and also to assist you when required at the show. (No charge for helpers at set-up and pack down)



SAW and SOLO artists please note:

  • Panels measure 1.2m(w) by 2.3m (h)
  • Plinths measure approx. 1m (h) x 60cm x 60xm top
  • All artists will be invoiced once selection is confirmed
  • NZ Art Show retains 25% commission from sales

2. Solo Panel  – SOLO

  • Artist is not required at the show
  • Up to six artworks in total

In a nutshell: As a Solo Panel artist, you will be allocated a space  that will display your name and artwork. Your presence is not required at the show. You may submit up to 6 artworks. The NZ Art Show will manage your space and your art. Artworks that do not fit in your space in the initial hang will be stored. Once an artwork sells, NZ Art Show staff will replace it with work from your storage area. You may visit the show on any one day with a complimentary ticket.


Exhibition fee – wall space:

  • 1 panel measuring 1.2m (w) by 2.3m (h) in total – $150 (minimum)
  • 2 panels measuring 2.4 (w)x 2.3 (h) in total–$300 (maximum)

Size limit:

  • 1 x panel: no more than 80cm x 80cm per piece
  • 2 panels: no more than 150cm x 150cm


Exhibition fee – 3D works:

  • Plinths = $60 each
  • Minimum number of plinths: 2 = $120
  • Maximum number of plinths: 4 = $240
  • Large free-standing works: $50 per piece. If you are selected, we will request the number of artworks you intend to submit and you will be invoiced accordingly.

Size limit: 

  • 3D on plinths: no more than 40 x 40 x 40 cm per item
  • Large free-standing sculpture: no real size limit but each item must be able to fit inside the venue without the aid of heavy machinery, must be stable and must adhere to all health and safety standards so as not to cause damage or injuries to any persons or property on the premises. The artist must deliver and collect these works, whether sold or not. And, if sold, the artist is also responsible for delivering these works to the buyer.



  • Four Awards of $2,500
  • If you would like to apply as an exhibitor in the show as either a SAW or SOLO – please contact

In a nutshell: The RT Nelson Emerging Artist Awards aims to recognise and encourage emerging talent studying visual arts at, or recently graduated from, established art teaching facilities in New Zealand.
Established in 2012, this award is made possible through the generous patronage of Richard T. Nelson, the award’s official sponsor.

  • All applicants are subject to a selection process
  • You are not required at the show
  • You are permitted to exhibit up to 3 artworks – these artworks will be put in front of the judges
  • There is no exhibition fee but 25% commission applies on artwork sold
  • Artworks will be judged prior to the show opening to the public.
  • The four recipients will be notified prior to the show opening to the public. Recipients will be exhibited in a designated gallery at the show



Take great photos of your artwork – selection is by emailed images only
The panel will be seeking exceptional artworks that will appeal to the public. To make for a dynamic and progressive show the NZ Art Show will exhibit a wide cross-section of styles and subject matter

For the best chance to get accepted, all applicants should consider the following carefully.

  • Originality – Is this art original? Does it have a rare quality?
  • Technique – Is the technique refined? Is there evidence of sophisticated art practices?
  • Development – Is there evidence of development of style and technique?
  • Consistency – Is the artist’s style consistent?
  • Professionalism – Is it well presented? Has the artist gone to great lengths to ensure a professional and polished finish?
  • Affordability – Taking into consideration the artist’s history, is the price within a reasonable range? Or is it overpriced?



























  • Every artist in the show is allocated their own space
  • As an artwork sells, it is taken to the sales area and taken away by its new owner. Large sculptures which cannot be moved easily and award finalists work may remain until the end of the show
  • The sold piece is replaced by another artwork, by the same artist, held in a storage area
  • All sales are made through NZ Art Show, who then pay artists once all accounts have been balanced after the show
  • NZ Art Show retains 25% commission from each sale
  • Unsold artworks are returned to the artist. The artist is responsible for costs transporting art to and from the show
  • Sold large sculptures that cannot be moved easily: the artist is responsible for transporting to the purchaser


  • Artists must apply via an online application form – via
  • The application fee is $30 and is non-refundable
  • All artists are subject to a selection process
  • Selection results are due by March 8 via email
  • If selected, an invoice for your exhibition fee will follow along with an artist handbook and a link to a submission form which details your artwork: inclusion in the show is not confirmed until your invoice is paid.
  • If you are not selected, the selectors are unable to give specific reasons for their decision. There are several hundred applicants and time restrictions prevent the selectors from issuing feedback to everyone
  • The final decisions are at the discretion of the selection panel and no negotiations will be entered into.



  • Application fee: $30 – non-refundable
  • Exhibition fees: all selected SAW and SOLO artists pay an exhibition fee depending on what category they are exhibiting in. Artists will be invoiced when they get selected
  • Variable costs: selected artists will have other costs to consider, like freight, wrapping materials, transport and accommodation
  • Fees are non-refundable – so please ensure your artworks comply with our terms and conditions before applying


  • All artists must be aware of the NZ Art Show timeline for delivery and collection of your artworks. These dates and timeframes are important and cannot be altered
  • The timeline is found below
  • If in doubt: contact –

    • All selected artists are eligible for the People’s Choice Award sponsored by Brendan Foot Supersite – 1 x award – $3,000. All selected artists are eligible for this award.
    • RT  Nelson Emerging Artist Awards – 4 x awards of $2,500.  Open to art students currently studying or graduated in the last two years
    • Signature Promotions Art Award – 2 x awards – $1,000 and $500. Open to all participating SAW artists –






    Oct 2018 16 Tuesday Artist applications open – $30 application fee
    Feb 28 Thursday Artist applications close
    March 8 Mon All artists notified re. selection, invoices sent out to SAWs and SOLOs, and submission process for selected artists open
    May 13 Monday Submissions close
    May 24 Friday Return courier tickets for unsold SOLO and RT Nelson Awards artworks due. Send to NZ Art Show, PO Box 14817, Wellington 6241. Full details will be given to selected artists only.
    May 27 Monday
    • Courier delivery of art to TSB Arena  10am – 4pm
    • Hand delivery of  SOLO and RT Nelson Awards art to TSB Arena Foyer 10am – 4pm
    May 28 Tuesday Heavy SOLO and RT Nelson Awards sculpture artists pack in and set up 11am – 1pm. Artists must book time with NZ Art Show management.
    May 28 & 29 Tues & Wed 7pm – Hand delivery of SAW artwork and SAW pack in and set up. Out of venue by 10pm
    May 30 Thursday
    • People’s Choice Art Award finalists announced
    • RT Nelson Awards recipients announced
    May 30 Thursday NZ Art Show 2018 – Gala Evening 6.00pm

    • SAW artists and their paid assistant gain entry with their official passes
    • Other artists who wish to attend must purchase Gala tickets.
    May 31—June3 Fri – Mon NZ Art Show 2018 – Show days from 10am daily

    • Fri to Sun 10am – 6.30pm
    • Mon 10am – 4pm
    June 3 Monday
    • SAW and Heavy Sculpture pack down 4pm – 7pm
    • SOLO and RT Nelson Awards artists may collect unsold artwork from venue at 6pm8pm 
    June 6—28 Courier return of unsold SOLO artworks
    June 17—22 Mon—Sat Hand collection of unsold SOLO and RT Nelson Awards artworks from #105 Lyall Parade, Lyall Bay, Wellington 10am – 4pm
    August 20    Saturday Payments to artists for sold artworks