Guide For Artists

Download a copy of this Guide for Artists here

Applications Open: November 2017

Applications Close: Single Artist Wall –  30 March  2018*

Solo Panel Exhibition 1 May  2018*

*Will close earlier if spaces run out



  • All artists need to fill the online application form and pay the non-refundable fee.
  • All applications are put before a selection panel.
  • Applicants will be notified within 10 working days of submitting their application.
  • Selected artists will receive further instructions
  • The number of panel spaces is strictly limited so it’s best to apply early so you don’t risk missing out



Please note:

  • Panels measure 1.2m (w) by 2.3m(h)
  • Plinths measure 1.2m (h) x 60cm x 60cm (top)

Single Artist Wall – SAW

  • Specific space dedicated to your art: choose from 3 or 4 panels
  • Ability to present a significant body of art: no real limit on the number of artworks, as long as it all fits in your storage space at the show which measures approx. 1 x 1.7 m
  • Great on-site presence: you are required on site for the duration of the show
  • You’re in control: you hang, manage and restock art
  • Great way to promote your art: you are able to meet with the public, tell them all about your art and increase your own database
  • Exhibition fee:
    • 3 panels (min): $850
    • 4 panels (max): $1,100 (maximum)
    • If you require plinths to exhibit your art, please contact for discussion
  • One assistant, provided by artist, is permitted to help for the duration of the show. Fee: $100 which includes access to the Gala Evening and show days (No charge for helpers at set-up and pack down)
  • For the purpose of displaying promotional material, plinths can be hired from NZ Art Show ($60). Or you may supply your own plinth as long as it is not larger than 600 x 600 mm (top) and 1200mm tall. You must supply images for our approval.
  • You deliver artwork directly to the venue in the week of the show: see NZ Art Show Artist Timeline 2018 at the end of this document for delivery dates
  • You get access to the Gala Evening and every show day
  • Access to the show days half an hour before opening and half an hour after closing to refine your space
  • You receive your own ID for easy recognition
  • NZ Art Show retains 25% commission from sales


Solo Panel Exhibition – SOLO

  • Specific space dedicated to your work so you are always guaranteed to have artwork on display at all times unless sold out
  • Exhibit up to six of your best artworks: you must carefully calculate how many panels you require based on the size of your artworks
  • NZ Art Show manages the hanging and layout of your art; you are not involved with the management of art and you are not required to attend the show
  • If all artworks do not fit in your allocated space in the initial hang or placement, the remaining pieces will be placed in your storage area and displayed as your artwork sells
  • Exhibition fee 2D work:
    • 1 panel (min): $150
    • 2 Panels(max): $300
  • Exhibition fee 3D works:
    • Plinths
      • Plinths = $60 each
      • Minimum number of plinths: 2 =$120
      • Maximum number of plinths: 4 = $240
    • Large free-standing works: $50 per piece. If you are selected, we will request the number of artworks you intend to submit and you will be invoiced accordingly
    • If you are in doubt as to what your requirements are, please contact us. The NZ Art Show is open to discussing 3D artists’ collections on a case by case basis
  • Size limit:
    • 2D on 1 x panel: no more than 80cm x 80cm per piece
    • 2D on 2 panels: no more than 150cm x 150cm
    • 3D on plinths: no more than 40 x 40 x 40 cm per item
    • Large free-standing: no real size limit but each item must be able to fit inside the venue without the aid of heavy machinery, must be stable and must adhere to all health and safety standards so as not to cause damage or injuries to any persons or property on the premises
    • If in doubt, or if your artworks are larger than specifications above, please discuss your needs with the Artist Liaison.
  • You deliver artwork directly to the show venue: see NZ Art Show Artist Timeline 2018 for delivery date
  • If all art doesn’t fit on your panel in the initial hang or placement the remaining pieces will be placed in your storage area and hung or placed when space becomes available
  • You get one free entry to any ONE of the show days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday
  • You get a name sign above your work
  • NZ Art Show retains 25% commission from sales



  • Application fee: all applicants pay $30
  • Exhibition fees: all selected artists pay an exhibition fee depending on what category they are exhibiting in. Artists will be invoiced when they get selected
  • Variable costs: selected artists will have other costs to consider, like freight, wrapping materials, transport and accommodation
  • Fees are non-refundable



Follow the steps carefully. If you do not complete all steps, your application will not make its way to us.


Step 1

Checklist: have the following four elements ready before you start the application process. They are required as part of your online application and you will be prompted for each during the application process. If you do not have everything ready in advance, the application process may time out while you try and sort things out and you will need to start again

  1. Digital Images
    • Provide jpegs only, not pdf or in a word document. And our selectors do not look at websites.
    • Please provide 6 images: make sure that they are saved on the device that you will be emailing them from
    • Preferably supply images of the works you intend to exhibit, however, if your art is not yet complete we will accept examples of previous work as long as they represent what you intend to exhibit in the show in terms of style and price range
    • These images will be used for selection purposes and they may also be used for promotional purposes, so they need to be in a decent size range – at least 600KB-1MB
    • You will email images separately once you have filled online application form
  2. Descriptions for each image – Name of artwork, medium, dimensions (mm) and price($NZ)
  3. Artist profile – tell us something interesting about you and your art; a couple of paragraphs will be fine
  4. Payment for application fee: $30
    • This needs to be done when you place your application and can be done via credit card or direct credit
    • The application fee is not refundable, even if you are not selected for the show

Step 2

Select your Exhibition category

  • Decide which category you would like to apply for: Single Artist Wall (SAWor Solo Panel Exhibition)  and the number of panels or plinths you would like to purchase
  • If you are applying for a SAW you can also choose whether you would like a plinth for promotional purposes and/or provide an assistant for the duration of the show


Step 3

Complete the online application form

  • Found on the NZ Art Show website here.
  • Note for artists who last exhibited with the NZ Art Show prior to 2015: you no longer log in with a username and password
  • You will be prompted to pay the application fee before proceeding with your application
  • If you find that you’ve made a mistake after you’ve submitted your application, don’t try and start another application – let us know and we’ll sort it out at our end –

Step 4

Wait for email notification of selection results.

  • You may be asked to submit more information – but if you have completed all the steps correctly then this won’t be necessary
  • If you haven’t received notification within 10 working days of submitting your application then please contact the NZ Art Show at



  • If you are selected for the show you will be notified by email. The email will include your exhibition fee invoice and the date by which the invoice is due
  • Following selection you will need to complete a submission form – we’ll provide selected artists with full instructions at the relevant time, but in brief, the submission holds your contact details and other important information, and if you are selected for a Solo Panel, it holds information about the art you are going to send to us
  • It is possible that you may not necessarily be accepted right away, and that you may be placed on a waiting list.
  • If you are not selected, the selectors are unable to give specific reasons for their decision. There are several hundred applicants and time restrictions prevent the selectors from issuing feedback to everyone
  • The final decisions are at the discretion of the selection panel and no negotiations will be entered into.



The show’s attendees want original and good quality artworks, therefore the selectors will be seeking exceptional artworks that will appeal to the public.

For the best chance to get accepted, all applicants should consider the following carefully.

Originality – Is this art original? Does it have a rare quality? To make for a dynamic and progressive show selectors must ensure the NZ Art Show delivers a wide cross-section of styles and subject matter

Technique  Is the technique refined? Is there evidence of sophisticated art practices?

Development Is there evidence of development of style and technique?

Consistency – Is the artist’s style consistent?

Professionalism  Is it well presented? Has the artist gone to great lengths to ensure a professional and polished finish?

Affordability – Taking into consideration the artist’s history, is the price within a reasonable range? Or is it overpriced?


Please put your best foot forward – impress us: the selectors are looking for quality art at affordable rates

  • Prepare well before you make your application
  • Take great photos of your art
  • Select your images very carefully – send us your very best examples of your art
  • Price your artworks to sell – affordability is one of the main drawcards of the NZ Art Show.
  • Ensure that you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions before submitting an application: all selected artists will be subject to our Terms.



All Art Is For Sale

  • As an artwork sells, it is taken to the sales area and taken away by its new owner. Large sculptures which cannot be moved easily and award finalists work must remain until the end of the show
  • The sold piece is replaced by another artwork, by the same artist, held in a storage area
  • All sales are made through NZ Art Show, who pays artists after the show
  • NZ Art Show retains commission from the amount paid to artists
  • Unsold artworks are returned to artists. The artist is responsible for costs transporting art to and from show
  • Sold large sculptures that cannot be moved easily: the artist is responsible for transporting to the purchaser


We look forward to receiving your application! 


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