Exclusivity Period

Selected artists may not be involved in another large-scale art show in Wellington within 3 months leading up to the NZ Art Show and within 2 months in NZ. This does not apply to artists who have their own gallery spaces.

Panel and Plinth Size

  • Panel Size: 1.2m (width) by 2.3m (height)
  • Plinth Size: Approx. 1m (height) x 60cm x 60cm (top)

Large Sculptures

These require NZ Art Show approval for safety. Artists are responsible for delivery/installation and arranging delivery to new owners after the show.

Hanging System

A Velcro hanging system used at the show. SAW artists can use provided hangers or create their own. Wall hanging art must be strung to hang off a screw.

Exhibition fees

Upon selection, all artists receive an invoice for exhibition fees. Payment confirms participation, with instalment options available.

Price Limit

SAW Artists: There is no limit on the sale price of work but any piece that exceeds $10,000 will need approval from the NZ Art Show. Email to discuss. Consider the average sales price of $1,250.

SOLO Artists: The sale price of each artwork must be no more than $5,000.

Size Limit

Ensure your artwork fits the size of the panels and/or plinths you have selected. For other options, contact the Artist Liaison

Photography and Prints

These must meet specific conditions, with limited edition prints of 30 or less. Refer to the guide on photos and prints for detailed requirements.


The NZ Art Show retains 25% commission on all art sales.

The NZ Art Show wishes to thank the following for their support: