Important Information for Artists

‘Still Life #6, The Natural’, glass by David Traub

Artist applications open on November 1.

The application form will be on our website . . . . .Time to get ready . . . .

We have updated some aspects of the show which directly affect artists: based on our 14 years experience operating the show, we have identified areas that would benefit from improvements. And due to the number of applications, we aim to make the process more efficient for everyone.

If you haven’t exhibited in the show before, then these changes won’t affect you, but artists who have exhibited with us before need to be aware of the changes.

Full information about the 2018 show for artists is available on our website here, in particular, the Guide for Artists.
We will email a reminder to all artists on our database just before applications open.



All at Sea’, oil painting by Dean Proudfoot


Only two exhibition categories

For some years we have had 3 exhibition categories. From 2018, there will only be two categories: Single Artist Wall (SAW) and Solo Panel (SOLO). The SAW category remains unchanged, but the SOLO category now allows up to 6 artworks, down from 10.


Images for applications

Instead of uploading images to the online application, artists will need to email images separately. There will be full instructions when you make your application, and it will make the process smoother than before.




Exhibition Fees

SOLO exhibition fees are now as follows: 1 panel = $150, 2 panels = $300; plinths are $60 each with 2 being the minimum and 4 being the maximum number of plinths allocated to each artist.
The fees for SAW remain largely unchanged – $850 for 3 panels and $1,100 for 4 panels. Plinths now cost $60 each.

Selection process

This will take place on a weekly basis (except during the Christmas / New Year break) and all applicants should know whether they have been selected within 10 days of making their application. Some applicants may be placed on a waiting list: this waiting list will be reviewed every month.



Abandoned Shop’, acrylic on canvas by Lester Blair




Peonies’, acrylic painting by Galina Kim



There are lots of artists practising and we really are spoilt for choice.  You are going to be competing against a lot of other applicants, so put your very best foot forward.

Some tips for when you prepare items for your application:

  1. Stand out from the crowd: you are one of hundreds applying for the show. Impress us with something special and unique
  2. Show us some new works: the selectors, and the art buyers, want to see something new, fresh and challenging, so please don’t send the type of images you have been sending for the last two years.
  3. Show us your best works: the selection team want to see your best examples – be prepared to impress
  4. Take great photos: the selectors will not get a good idea of your art if the photos are blurry (out of focus), glaring (reflection off frame glass), uneven (badly composed), or cluttered (a whole of stuff in the background). If you are not that good with a camera, ask someone else to take your photos.

We want to see your very best.






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'Lustre', mixed media by Lisa Taylor-King

‘Lustre’, mixed media by Lisa Taylor-King



For artists, the NZ Art Show online gallery is a great place to get your art seen by art lovers outside of the show.
We currently have a great special: $60 for a year subscription (or $5 per month) – available until the end of this year, before the fee goes back up to $120 per year (or $10 per month). This is a great deal you should take advantage of now.


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